Advantis Filter Cleaner Blaster Instant Cleaner, Qt (400720)

Product Code: 400720

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Product Description


Filter Blaster is a liquid cleaner for all types of pool and spa cartridge elements and D.E. grids. Maintains filter elements and keep filters running at peak efficiency.


  • Easy-to-use spray formula
  • Removes grime with powerful detergents & mild acids
  • Removes rust, oils and other filter clogging debris.

    Remove cartridge or D.E. filter from housing. Rinse off any loose material and completely saturate the filter with water. Spray Filter Blaster over the entire filter surface area . Allow to soak for 5 minutes and rinse clean with garden hose. Heavily soiled filters may require a second application. If possible, let cartridge filters dry before reinstalling. This allows the fibrous material to “fluff” allowing filter to capture material most effectively.

    Always start out the season with a clean filter. Use Filter Blaster during the season to keep your filter working a peak efficiency. Maintaining your filter will reduce chemical consumption and result in consistently cleaner, clearer water throughout the season. Filter Blaster is safer to use than muriatic acid.

    Compatible With:
    Chlorine, bromine, ozone and biguanide sanitizers.

    Filter Blaster Advantage:
    Effectively and economically removes grease, oil and mineral scale deposits and dirt from filter elements in just five minutes.

Product Code: 400720


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