Aqua Level

Product Code: M-3000

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Product Description

Automatic Water Level Control

Finally… a way keep the water in your pool at a constant level with the Pool Sentry Water Level Control!! The Pool Sentry requires no permanent installation and is fully adjustable. Simply snap the housing shells together, thread in the float valve, hook up to a reinforced garden hose and place over the side of the pool. Turn the water on to the hose and the Pool Sentry stands guard over your water level, adding water as needed and never overfilling. The totally portable unit can be removed while swimming, if desired. The Pool Sentry is the perfect solution for vacations, leaking pools, vacation homes, or just busy people!



Automatically maintains water level

Helps prevent pump motor damage

Easy to install:

1.) Simple assembly requires no tools

2.) Requires no plumbers or electricians

3.) Requires no structural modifications

Ideal when travel prevents checking pool

Easily portable



Operates with a standard garden hose

Depth Adjustable to Preferred Water Level

Easy Installation – Installs in Minutes

Helps Protect Pump or / Motor from Burn-Out Due to Lack of Water Flow

Completely Portable – Easily Moved to Different Locations Around Your Pool






Product Code: M-3000


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