Backyard Water Park

Having a pool means having access to family fun right outside your back door. What can you do if you want to bump up the entertainment factor to the next level? Read on for a few fun ways you can turn your backyard into a miniature waterpark for your family!

happy kids in pool

DIY Water Bucket Dump

It’s not just refreshing during a hot Texas summer! There’s something about a bunch of water being dumped on someone that makes everyone laugh. You can make a water bucket dump from PVC pipe with a little bit of effort! Click here for a tutorial.

Awesome Water Launchers

So you’re already wet! It’s always fun to blast someone else with water! These water shooters are powerful enough to reach distances up to 45 feet.

Huge Splash Zone

All kids love floats, and they especially love large ones with room for more friends! The Home Waterpark Splash Zone is a blast for kids because this huge splash sub – float has room for up to 5 kids. It will give your family hours of fun. Water spray is supplied by a standard water hose connection.

huge float

DIY Sprinkler

Want to make your own fun sprinkler on the fly? All you need is a little duct tape and a pool noodle! A trip to the Dollar Store and you’re set for a little inexpensive summer fun. Click here for a tutorial.

colorful pool noodles

Portable Splash Pad

Want the deluxe version? Check this one out! Easy to install, but also not cheap: this 5-foot portable pad from My Splash Pad is $1,275. It will be no surprise that larger splash pads come with larger price tags, and pads that are permanently installed cost even more. However, to easily break down your setup when cooler weather sets in, this pad is a good option.

The Aqua Rocker

The Aqua Rocker Fun Float is a rockin’ way to have some water fun! This giant float is big enough for 2-4 kids to enjoy a rocking good time in the pool. The giant outer rocker floats are solid color while the ladder interior is translucent for a good view of the action.

the aqua rocker float

Summer is a great opportunity to create lasting family memories. If you have invested in a pool for your family, you want to enjoy it and your family time as much as possible. Stop by the 1-Stop Pool Supply Store near you to check out all the options we have for making the most of your family’s backyard oasis.