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Product Description

Swim Teacher "bar-bell"

Strengthen your upper body while building endurance with the super soft Fitness Gear Swim Bars. An excellent choice to add to your aqua workout, the Swim bars can be used in shallow to deep water for a variety of strengthening movement. By using the bars in the water, users reduce the stressful effects of hard surface exercises while helping to facilitate flexibility and general good health. Covered with an anti-microbial protectant, the bar is made of closed cell foam that won’t absorb water, provides ultimate buoyancy and dries quickly. The bar is resistant to chlorine damage, UV rays as well as salt water. Not intended for use as a life-saving device.

Product Features:

anti-microbial foam swim barbells Closed cell foam will not absorb water and dry quickly Resistant to UV rays, chlorine and salt damage Color: blue Note that these are not intended for use as a life-saving device Warranty: This product will work as stated on label, if used as directed

Product Code: 8912026


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