Baracuda W83108 Leaf Catcher

Product Code: W83108

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Product Description

Collects debris before it reaches the pump.
• The LEAF CATCHER is an in-line filter suitable for most suction pool cleaners that collects debris before if reaches the pump basket to prevent clogging.
• Leaf Catcher has a greater capacity for leaves and debris than the average pump basket. Manufactured from clear UV-resistant materials so you can see when the Leaf Catcher needs emptying.
• Easy to clean because only the canister and basket needs to be handled.
• The unique design of the Leaf Catcher uses the cleaner’s own water flow to create a vacuum within the trap, compacting and holding more leaves and debris, so there’s less emptying.
• Convenient handle for easier cleaning and emptying.
• With the unique T-trap Connection, all vacuum hoses remain connected, while the Leaf Catcher is removed for quick and easy cleaning.               
• Includes a built-in drain plug to empty water, for easier canister handling.

Product Code: W83108


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