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Product Description

Beautec is a new type of scale and stain product that controls all mineral buildup on pool surfaces and equipment without acids and phosphates.
Beautec Features
  • Provides complete control of all types of metals and scale including hard silicates.
  • Removes waterline calcium buildup and keeps tile clean with small monthly dosage.
  • Salt cell descaler and cleaner, Keeps cell plates clean and optimizes chlorine output.
  • Absolutely phosphate free formula.
  • Protects all equipment: filter, heater, water auto-leveler, salt cell, and solar unit.
  • Prevents iron, copper, and manganese stains.
  • Quickly removes plaster dust on new pools.

Beautec Benefits


  • Affordable year-round protection.
  • Extends life of salt cell generators.
  • Prevent future costly aero-washing and tile cleaning.
  • Advanced Synertec formula is both acid-free and phosphate-free.
  • Chlorine stable multi-polymers lasts for months, not weeks.

The ultimate pool surface protection for superior scale, stain, and scum control and removal. New Synertec® polymer technology provides unsurpassed surface protection without phosphates and acids. Beautec® also removes existing scale buildup on tile and salt cell generators with scrubbing and use of harsh acid cleaners. Metal stains due to iron, copper, and manganese are strongly sequestered to prevent surface damage. Highly chlorine stable multi-polymers provide affordable, year-round pool surface protection

Product Code: 22064


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