Bored in the Pool? Here’s What you Should Do

It is inevitable to get bored while swimming or paddling around in circles while you’re in the pool but don’t worry, there are ways to spice up pool time.

Play a Game of Shark Attack

While this is bad press for sharks, a game of shark attack can make pool time fun. Assign two people as sharks while the rest will play the role of tourists. The last person standing, well swimming, wins. The two sharks can eliminate each other in this game.

Play Regular Games with a Watery Twist

You can play volleyball right in the pool but be sure to use a beach ball to slow the game down a little. You should also make sure that the net is not too high so that everyone can get the ball to the other side. You can also play water polo or get a floating ping pong table. If you are love basketball, you can play hoops while swimming too.

Invite Friends Over

The pool can be boring if you’re swimming alone. How about inviting friends over so that you can enjoy the water together? You can even get the grill ready so you can have a poolside barbecue! Find out more about throwing an amazing pool party here.

To make pool time more fun, you can also get all those pool toys out. If you want new ones, take a look at some of our pool toys here.