Cartridge Mineral Purifier Spa Bromine Cartridge – SpaFrog 01-14-3824

Product Code: 01-14-3824

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Product Description

Product Description The Spa Frog 01-14-3824 yellow bromine cartridge from King Technology is a replacement cartridge that can be used with the Spa Frog Floating System, the Spa Frog In-Line System or by itself as a stand-alone floating brominator. The cartridge is fully adjustable to accomodate various spa sizes and circulation times. With normal use, bromine cartridges should be replaced every 3-4 weeks. For optimal use, the Bromine Cartridge is used alongside the Spa Frog Mineral Cartridge, cutting down your bromine use up to 50% (eco-friendly!) while reducing skin and eye irritation. The empty cartridges can be recycled. – See more at:

Product Code: 01-14-3824


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