Cartridge Mineral Purifier Spa Core – SpaFrog 01-14-3712

Product Code: 01-14-3712

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Product Description

Product Description The Filter Frog #01-14-3712 mineral spa care disinfectant stick from King Technology supplements bromine or chlorine use in your hot tub, to make your water softer and sparkling clear. Patented Spa Frog minerals are designed to improve your spa water quality by destroying bacteria and maintaining a neutral pH. As part of the Spa Frog line of products, the Filter Frog reduces bromine or chlorine use by up to 50% (1.0 ppm), making it an eco-friendly solution. Formerly called Spa Frog Mineral Spa Care, the Filter Frog is simply placed inside your filter cartridge, filter well or skimmer. It works for four months and features an easy to use reminder dial. No electricity required. – See more at:

Product Code: 01-14-3712


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