Deck-O-Shield, 1 Gallon, Sealer

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Product Description


DECK-O-SHIELD is a ready-to-use, water-based sealer/water repellant for natural stone, concrete, and masonry surfaces. DECK-OSHIELD is designed for use as a sealer/water repellent on waterfalls in or around swimming pools; the product will limit the penetration of water into structurally sound, crack-free surfaces. The product also can be used as a sealer/water repellant for natural stone decks, walkways, or patios; virtually any area located near or around swimming pool areas. Surfaces treated with DECK-O-SHIELD will inhibit the penetration of salts, reducing “whitening” or staining.


DECK-O-SHIELD weatherproofs and protects virtually all waterfalls, decks, porches, patios, and walkways around pools, including the following surfaces: natural stone, mortar joint, concrete, brick, concrete block, stucco.

Another advantage DECK-O-SHIELD provides is that the product will not alter the color or tint of the surface after application. There is no need for worry when applying DECK-O-SHIELD, because the product will have no adverse effects on surface appearance after application.


  • Complies with all current federal, state, and local maximum allowable VOC requirements, including U.S. EPA, SCAQMD, and OTC.


  • DECK-O-SHIELD is not a film-forming material – it penetrates the surface to form an integral barrier to moisture penetration.
  • Transparent, non-staining.
  • Surface appearance after application and complete drying is virtually unchanged.
  • Reduces entrapment of dirt particles and other contaminants that cause discoloration; inhibits soiling.
  • Protects against efflorescence and rust staining.
  • Helps resist stains from spills.
  • Protects against salt staining and “whitening” caused by salt in the water.
  • Water-based, VOC compliant.
  • One component.
  • USDA accepted.

Product Code: 3460210


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