Dive N Catch Game

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Product Description

The Jumbo Dive N Catch includes 4 fish and 2 bags. This swim & dive game provides children 8 years and up with hours of fun in the water. Toss the fish into the pool and once they begin to submerge, on a given signal, jump or dive in to catch them. Give the fish to the scorekeeper and the one that collects the most wins. Or for a more advanced level of play, throw in the fish and see if you can catch them before they reach the pool bottom. Use your imagination and play endless games with the Jumbo Dive N Catch.

  • Four child hand size fish per set
  • Bright patterned fish
  • Multicolored
  • For children 8 and up
  • MFG Model # : 72536




Product Code: 72536


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