Etiquette Matters, Even in Swimming Pools

Etiquette matters and we can’t run away from them even when we’re swimming. If you want to brush up on your public swimming pool manners, take a look at our guide below.

Open Swim Etiquette

  • Tie your hair or wear a swim cap if you have long hair.
  • If you currently have diarrhea, make sure not to use a swimming pool for two weeks or until symptoms are completely gone. This is a good way to prevent a bacterial outbreak in a public or private swimming pool.
  • Kids who are likely to have bathroom accidents while swimming need to have plastic pants or swim diapers. Check these diapers frequently and if you need to change them, excuse yourself and your child and head to the toilet.
  • 6-year-olds and under must always be guided by an adult while in the pool.
  • Keep your fingernails and toenails clean.

Lap Swim Etiquette

  • Lane designations matter. Most pools have slow, medium, and fast lanes which means you would need to choose the right lane for your speed. If the lane is crowded, notify the other swimmers that you are joining their lane.
  • If you are not alone in the lane, opt for the other side so you can make room for the other swimmer. If there are more than two swimmers there, all of you must circle swim. The custom is to swim counter clockwise but if you are in a swimming pool in a Commonwealth nation, swim clockwise.
  • During a workout, you can join the workout as part of the set.
  • Slower swimmers would need to give way to faster swimmers.
  • If you are passing someone in your lane, tap his or her foot before passing so that the person knows you are overtaking.
  • If another swimmer decides to overtake you at the turn, ensure that you stop until he or she has pushed off.
  • Don’t block the pace clock.
  • Don’t dive or jump when entering a pool. Try not to push off if there are oncoming swimmers too.
  • Squeeze to the right corner if you need to stop. This will give other swimmers sufficient room to turn.
  • If the pool is busy, try to push off underwater.
  • Try not to go beyond your lane.