Green Treat – 2 lb. United Chemicals

Product Code: GT-C12

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Product Description

Item Description

Green Treat has the firepower to kill green algae. Green Treat is an EPA registered patented Algaecide designed specifically for green swimming pool algae. Its powerful formula has the strength to fight green algae in every type of swimming pool. This environmentally safe and powerful product is easy to use; simply add one bottle per 20,000 gallons of pool water and super-chlorinate – then watch your swimming pool green algae disappear. We always recommend that you follow and algae treatment with No Mor Problems to keep algae from coming back and to keep your pool crystal clear all season long.

Product Benefits:

  • Use: Algaecide; eradicate blooms of green swimming pool algae
  • Compatible with: Pools treated with chlorine (including salt generators) and bromine
  • Chemical Type: Granular
  • Dosage Rate: 2lbs. per 20,000 gallons

Product Code: GT-C12


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