Hayward Super II Pump Lid

Product Code: SPX3100D

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Product Description

  • Thread strainer cover replacement
  • Fits hayward super ii pump sp3000 series models sp3007(eeaz), sp3010(eeaz), sp3015(eeaz), sp3020(eeaz), sp3025(eeaz), sp3030(eeaz)
  • Also fits hayward super ii pump sp3000x series models sp3005x7(az), sp3007x10(az), sp3010x15(az), sp3015x20(az), sp3020x25(az), sp3025x30(az)
  • Also compatible with Hayward Chlorine and Bromine Feeders models C250CF, C500CF, C1100CF, C1800CF


Product Code: SPX3100D


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