Is Your Pool Water Safe?

During the summertime, when it’s unbearably hot, a pool comes in handy for kids and adults alike to cool down. While swimming is both an enjoyable activity and a good form of exercise, it is never risk-free. Before you open your pool for the summer, you must ensure that your pool water is safe. Disinfecting the pool is your first line of defense against germs and bacteria that can make pool users sick.
This is where chlorine and pH levels come in. According to the CDC, chlorine destroys germs. However, it has to maintain proper levels for it to be effective. The proper level, based on recommendations from the health department, is 1.0 – 3.0 ppm. .

It’s Always About Pool Water Balance

Pool owners know that many factors can reduce the chlorine content in pools. This includes dirt, debris, dead skin cells, fecal matter, and sunlight. For chlorine to do its job, it also needs the right pH.

Without the proper pH levels, chlorine can irritate the skin and the eyes. It is also important to note that as your pool water’s pH increases, the effectiveness of chlorine in getting rid of germs and bacteria goes down. It’s always about balance.

The Importance of Oxidation

Aside from sanitation, oxidation must be done too. When waste such as perspiration and urine are mixed into pool water, chlorine incorporates itself into them forming foul odors called chloramines. These chemicals can cause skin and eye irritations.

To avoid this problem, you don’t only need to maintain the balance of the water but also need to add a stronger oxidizer like monopersulfate. This chemical is usually added into pool water once a week. Monopersulfate is a fine choice because it does not affect pH levels that much and goes well with the recommended chemistry of pool water.

Pool owners can also use other sanitizers such as bromine and biguanides since they stay in the water for longer periods.

If you are thinking of disinfecting your pool in time for summer, you will need test kits. Take a look at our test kits here. If you need advice on how to clean and disinfect your pool, you can post your question in the comments section below.

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