Jandy AquaLink Power Center

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Product Description

AquaLink Power Centers

Available in foundation, standard and sub-panel with eight or 12 breaker mount plate slots and knockout for GFCI. AquaLink Power Centers are required for all AquaLink RS and PDA control systems. For integrated salt water chlorinator electronics, use our PureLink™ Power Centers.


  • Works with all AquaLink RS and PDA control models
  • Powder-coated, galvanized steel construction
  • Simple, top-down installation, 3 HP Relays
  • Add up to three auxiliary power centers within 500 feet of the primary power center
  • PureLink Power Centers incorporate salt water chlorinator electronics for easy and convenient addition of AquaPure® or Nature2® Fusion salt cells

Technical Details

  • An additional 4″ added to the low voltage raceway
  • 120/24 VAC Transformer (supply input)
  • Multiple knockouts for 1/2″ to 1 1/2″ conduit
  • Service and time-out for all circuits (AquaLink RS and PDA)
  • Eight or 12 breaker mount plate slots for up to 125 amp breakers (sub-panel only)
  • GFCI side knockout (sub-panel only)
  • Optional surge protection for all components


Product Code: 6613


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