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Sea Klear


SeaKlear Natural Stain Remover for Pools works on all pool types, and is an all-natural formula that effectively removes wall stains caused by excess metals and other contaminants. No need to drain the pool to remove stains with this product.

The special non-toxic formula is especially effective for the removal of iron, copper, and manganese staining, which often appear as brown, grey, turquoise or black stains.

Earth Friendly
  • All natural formula
  • Phosphate-free formula
  • Removes copper, iron, manganese, tannin, and organic stains
  • 2 lbs. treats 20,000 gallons

Product notes: Sprinkle product into pool water over main spotted areas. Use 1 lb. per 10,000 gallons. Contains natural citric acid. Use Sea Klear Metal Klear to maintain stain-free surfaces after use of Sea Klear Natural Stain Remover.

Product Code: 1110014


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