Nature 2 SP Mineral Cartridge Hayward

Product Code: W22460

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Product Description

For Ingrond and Aboveground pools with cartridge filters. Debris in unfiltered pool water is trapped by the cartridge element. Filtered water then passes through the Nature 2 SP Mineral Sanitizing System and re-enters the pool.
The Nature 2 System consists of the patented Nature 2 technology usin in conjunction with a chlorine delivery device or 0.5 ppm of an EPA registered chlorine pool product. Nature 2 technology consists of the minerals silver and copper.
Used on: Easy Clear C400, C550 , ASL C850, C1250 , Star Clear/Star Clear Plus C751/C900/C800/C1500, C1200, C1100 , Star Clear Plus C17502 , Super Star Clear/Swim Clear C2000/C2020/C2025, C3000/C3020/C3025, C4000/C4020/C4025, C5000/C5020/C5025

Product Code: W22460


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