Pentair LAMS05 Boost-Rite Booster Pump LA-MS05

Product Code: LA-MS05

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Product Description

The Pentair Boost-Rite Booster Pump is a pressure-side cleaner pump that works up to 27% more efficiently than any other booster pumps on the market. Its condensed size is a third smaller than other pumps and takes up much less space on the equipment pad. The Boost-Rite has greater water pressure for super powerful pressure-side cleaning. The motor is totally enclosed and fan cooled, so it operates quietly and at a cooler temperature than other pump motors. Its innovative 5-stage impeller design uses 27% less electricity. The improved 1-inch fittings are 75% larger in area and have better water flow and optimize efficiency. It’s made of strong, corrosion-proof materials and is an ideal replacement for your pressure-sided booster pumps. Enjoy a quiet cleaner pump that uses less electricity and let’s you relax poolside with the Boost-Ride Booster Pump. Pentair Pool Products lights are listed for use with Pentair Pool Products, American Products, Purex, or PacFab niches. UL-C, US Certified.

Product Code: LA-MS05