Pool Buster Max Portable Pool Spa Cleaner


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As far as hand held pool vacuums are concerned, you just can’t beat the maneuverability and efficiency of the Pool Blaster MAX. This little guy can take care of your pool walls, floor, and stairs with ease. It has a deeper cleaning capability than your average pool cleaner. Equipped with a High Flow Pump the Pool Blaster MAX pool cleaner is able to pump out and filter in more water than ever before. It simultaneously traps and gets rid of dirt and debris that might linger in difficult to reach places. Easy to maintain, it contains an empty filter bag so you don’t have to concern yourself with excess debris getting all over you. The Vacuum Head is a significant size at 10.5” to trap even the largest debris. A Hi-Flow Vacuum Motor insures maximum cleaning power as it gets rid of the most difficult messes that might take place in your pool. The Pool Blaster Max weighs approximately 5.5lbs. so it is very easy to carry and use throughout your pool. In the span of one hour it can cover 1771 sq. ft. so you know the entirety of your pool is well taken care of.



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