Rainbow Chlorinator Lid O-Ring

Product Code: O-283-0

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Product Description

The Aladdin O-ring for the Rainbow, Coleco and Swimquip pump is used to create a seal around the pump lid to prevent air from getting into the circulation system of your pool or spa. O-rings come in different sizes so be sure to choose the one that matches your pool equipment.

Item Number  


Aladdin 0-283 Replacement O-ring for Rainbow Lifeguard Cartridge Lid O-ring


Astral (722R0840030) Center Cap O-ring
Coleco (33235) Cover O-ring
Rainbow (172009) Lifeguard Cartridge Lid O-ring
Pac Fab (15-4005) Triton C3 Spacer O-ring
Sta Rite (35505-1425) Bulkhead Fitting O-ring System 3 Modular Media Filter
Swimquip (35505-1332) O-ring

Product Code: O-283-0


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