Ramuc Type Ep – Epoxy – White 1Gal

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Product Description

Service Life   Up to 5 years
Quantity   1 gallon kits
Finish   High gloss-tile like finish
Color   White
Coverage Rates   175-200 square ft./gl (bare surface), 400-450 square ft./gl (recoat)
Drying Time before Painting   5 dry days outdoor pool, 10 days indoor pool
Cure Time after Painting   5 dry days outdoor pool, 10-14 days indoor pool
Clean-Up   Ramuc thinner
Great for these Types of Surfaces   Concrete, plaster, fiberglass, koi ponds, slides, existing epoxy coating
Best/Typical Uses   Existing epoxy, koi ponds, spas, slides
 Type EP Epoxy Pool Paint
This premium low film build epoxy coating is formulated to provide ease of application and excellent coverage rates.

 •Protects previously painted epoxy or unpainted surfaces

•Excellent choice for waterpark facilities, including slides

•High gloss, tile-like finish

•Abrasion and chemical-resistant


•Two-coat system

•Application: Roller/Brush/Spray
Mixing: Mechanically mix
Coverage: Up to 450 sq. ft/gallon on recoats
Fill Time – Outdoor: 5 dry days
Fill Time – Indoor: 10 days
Clean-Up: Ramuc Thinner

~~Name   Type Ep – Epoxy – White 1Gal 




Product Code: 908131101


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