Renew Tabs, OZ, 1.75 lb – Leisure Time

Product Code: 45305

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Product Description

A non-chlorine shock oxidizer that is conveniently packaged in easy-to-use tablets that quickly dissolve in spa water and break down residual soaps, deodorants, natural oils and organic materials before they have a chance to form combined chlorine.



Leisure Time Renew Non-Chlorine Shock 1.7 lbs $12.89


  • Fast-dissolving effervescent tablets

  •  Dissolves quickly to eliminate oils and residue

  • Does not affect pH level

  • No chlorine-like odors Chlorine-free

  • Allows for use immediately after application

  • Formulated with DuPont Oxone

  • Easy to use– no measuring!

Product Code: 45305


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