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      Startup-Tec® surface curing treatment utilizes the “PK 3-Day Startup Method” which provides for a nearly brush less startup of a new pool. StartUp-Tec eliminates
95% to 97% or more of the traditional brushing associated with new pool startups. It also eliminates the 2 weeks (or more) of tedious brushing new pool owners are
burden with. StartUp-Tec not only reduces most plaster dust formation, but stops mottling and staining issues that often plague white, grey, and colored finishes.
The product virtually eliminates acid startups necessary to finish most exposed aggregate and pebble type pools.

Startup-tec® Provides a Brushless Startup In Just 3-Days…For White Colored, Grey, Quartz and Pebble Type Finishes

“PK-3 Day” StartUp-Tec’s Treatment must be added during new pool filling!

The Manufacturer suggests you fill the pool 2 to 3 feet (or 500 to 600 Gallons) of clean water before adding Startup-tec, once you have the 2′ to 3′ water in the pool then it’s time to add the Startup-tec. To add Startup-tec to the pool it is suggested that you purchase a plastic flower watering can from your local hardware store, if you have an old plastic flower watering can already you can use it but it is suggested that you make sure there is not any dirt or other contaminates inside the can before using as this could stain or damage the new plaster. Then it’s time to figure out how much Startup-tec to use, 2 Quarts for every 10,000 gallons, add the proper amount into the watering can then fill the rest of can up with water. Starting on one side of the pool simply pour the mixture into the water try not to get it directly on the new plaster as it is super concentrated at this point. Once you have use all the mixture from the can simply continue to fill the pool as per your instructions from your builder/remodeler. Please check with your builder/remodeler before using this product to make sure it will not void your warranty.


  • Provides superior control of calcium and mineral scaling.
  • Eliminates most surface plaster dust (scale) formation.
  • Significantly reduces surface brushing and acid use.
  • Prevents surface mottling and staining.
  • Advanced multi-polymer formulaton – no phosphates and acids.
  • Swimmers can use pool immediately.

Product Code: 70064


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