Turbine Bearing 180/280

Product Code: C80

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Product Description

This is one of two identical Turbine Bearings located on the frame of the Polaris 280 Cleaner. The Polaris 280 Turbine Ball Bearing is installed onto the drive shaft assembly. After the Turbine bearing has been installed on the drive shaft assembly it then screws onto the Polaris 280 frame. The part is highlighted in orange on the diagram above. If you have questions about replacement parts for your Polaris 280 feel free to call Pool Supply Sales at (888)680-POOL Monday through Friday 9:00AM-4:30PM PST. We can answer any question you have regarding your Polaris Pool Cleaner. Here at Pool Supply Sales we stock a full line of manufacturer’s replacement parts for the Polaris 280 pressure side pool cleaner.

Maintenance tip:
If the drive shaft assembly does not spin freely, inspect the turbine bearings. One of the two Turbine Bearings will most likely be damaged if the drive shaft assembly does not spin freely.

The Polaris Turbine Ball Bearing is compatible with the Polaris 180 and 280 Pool Cleaner models.

Product Code: C80


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