United Chemicals Spotting Bag Stain Remover

Product Code: PST-C24

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Product Description

Pool Stain Treat Spotting Bag –  No rubbing & No scrubbing. Removes most blue, brown, yellow, metallic and leaf (organic) stains.

Pool Stain Treat’s Spotting Bag is a new concept in stain removal. By simply placing a Spotting Bag directly over a stain, and pinning it down with a pool brush, without scrubbing or rubbing. The stain will disappear within 24 hours. The Spotting Bag is made from the same powerful formula used in Pool Stain Treat. This products proven performance has made the talk of professionals

Product Benefits:

  • Remove rust marks
  • Remove copper marks
  • Minimize any damage to the surface
  • Clean the spots while you relax

Pool Stain Treat and the Spotting Bag are effective on:

  • Plaster (marcite), vinyl, fiberglass and painted pools
  • Rust marks made by bobby pins, BBs and toys
  • Outside areas of rebard bleed
  • Copper fallout from shocking
  • General brown and blue metal stains
  • Leaf and Organic Stains

Product Code: PST-C24


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